Non Computer Courses

First Aid - 

Level 2 (One day - Emergency first aid at work)

Level 3 (Three day- First aid at work)

Paediatric first aid 

One day - emergency Paediatric first aid

Two day - Paediatric first aid.

Food Hygiene

Level 1 Food safety in catering (half day)

Level 2 Food safety in catering (one day)

Level 3 Supervising food safety in catering (three days)

Coaching Skills

Criteria Based Interviewing

Negotiation Skills

Managing for attendance

Discipline & Unsatisfactory Performance

Disability Awareness

Quality and Diversity

Train the Trainer

Police and Criminal Evidence Act and Sucessful Presentation of Evidence (PACE & SPOE)

Conflict Management

Fire Training

Stress Management

Time Management

Commercial Awareness for Managing Suppliers.

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