Windows on the Mac?

Can a Mac run Windows programs?  Of course it can. 

There are two ways - either using Boot Camp which is included with all Macs to reboot to a windows environment, or using a virtual solution like Parallels which will let you run both systems at once.

If you are an Apple Mac user, or thinking of getting one for your next computer, I am glad to help.  The latest generation of Apple computers are highly capable and easier to use than ever.

I can help you choose, install & convert all your information from a PC or an older Mac, then provide any tuition you might need to make the best of your new machine.


The iPad is a phenomenon.  It's highly capable computer that can do just about everything you can do on a full size machine - and it's fast and easy.  Several of my customers now have an iPad as their only machine.


These are a combination of a phone, camera, computer, and powerful games system.  I can help you configure your iPhone or iPod and get the best out of it.

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